Grinding, Yard Cleanup, Hauling and More

Grinding, Yard Cleanup, Hauling and More

We accept Cash, Check, and Quick Books Credit Card Payments

  • Stump Grinding – All sizes. Price depending on size and location.
  • Yard Cleanup – Landscape debris, uprooted trees, construction/renovation debris
  • Hauling – Hauling of any grindings or yard clean up to appropriate dumping facilities
  • Other – We are a full service company. Ask us if we can do it! If we can’t, we may know someone who can help

How much does it cost the Stump Grinding Service?

Every stump is different. Price depends on size and location. The best way to receive accurate pricing is to call Berlin Stump Grinding and get a Free Estimate. Over 90% of our customers in the Berlin, Ocean Pines and Ocean City area receive an ESTIMATE within 24 hours of their call. So, what are you waiting for?

Landscape or Tree Service Contractor? Subcontract us!

We have great price discounts for our fellow contractors, since we specialize in stump grinding only, we are more than happy to be subcontracted by you. It is a win-win situation to everybody!

Licensed and Insured for ground based work

Located at 220 West Street, Berlin, MD 21811

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